Winter is Here

With all the storms and rain we’ve had over the past few weeks it’s now more important that you have a healthy windscreen.

Scratched or damaged windscreens are as bad as having old wiper blades, impairing your vision in heavy rain. It is still important to change your wiper blades regularly, but have a look at your windscreen too.

If it has scratches or lot’s of small pits in it then wiper blades can’t get rid of the water effectively.

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Come and see us at Premier Windscreens for a health check up on your windscreen and we can advise you if you need a new one.

Another thing to keep in mind if you have an older car is leaks. Have you noticed after a storm that you have water in your car or a damp smell?

This could be due to your windscreen not being bonded to the body properly. It may be due to rust under the glass or a fault with the glue bond.


If there is rust under the windscreen then you need to get the windscreen out, fix the problem, then put your windscreen back in. It may seem like a costly thing for something you can’t see, but it affects the structural strength of your car and could lead to further problems down the track.

If you have a leak, come and see us to get your windscreen water tested to see where the leak is and we can help get you started on the road to fixing it.

** Please note Premier Windscreens can’t fix the rust, this will have to be done by a qualified panel shop.

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