What is a Rain Sensor?

If you have a late model car, there is a good chance it may have some extra bits on the windscreen besides a mirror.

One of them may be a Rain Sensor and if you have called about a replacement windscreen you may have been asked if you have one. Simply put, it is a sensor attached to your windscreen near the mirror that if in the correct setting will detect rain hitting the windscreen and turn on your wipers for you and vary the speed depending on how heavy it is. Also once the rain stops and it detects the windscreen is dry enough it will turn them off for you.

A very handy device, but you are thinking do I need one?

Well if your car originally comes with one then you will have to replace it with one that is the same. This is because they are a part of the car’s electronic system. So if you remove it, it may lead to electrical problems with your car. Another reason is how the mirror fits onto you windscreen, it may be a part of the rain sensor or the cover that goes around it.

If my car doesn’t have one can I fit one now?

Unfortunately you can’t, as your car hasn’t been built with all the accompanying wiring and switches. You might be able to retro fit it, but it would be expensive.

So, after all that, what do they look like. They are found near or with the mirror at the top of the windscreen, sometimes they are in a separate box next to the mirror. sometimes they are under a bigger cover with the mirror. here are some pictures of what they look like.


Another way is to check the windscreen control stalk and see if it has “AUTO” written on it.

gw canopy1

Last of all if you’re not sure, give us a call or send us a photo a we can let you know.

Premier Windscreens are your premier windscreen replacement company on the Gold Coast.

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